• BALANCED MULTI ASSET: We focus on meeting the needs of specific mandates through genuinely balanced, multi-asset portfolios.
  • ABSOLUTE RETURN: We focus on absolute returns, seeking investments which will make money rather than allowing the composition of indices to determine our thinking.
  • DIVERSIFICATION/RISK MANAGEMENT: Risk is managed through long term core positions and ranges for each asset class and the high level of diversification in our mandates.
  • MANAGER SELECTION: We inherently favour genuinely active managers with unconstrained mandates and combine these with a macro overlay and 'tilting' towards strong themes.
  • ALIGNMENT WITH MANAGERS: We are reassured by fund managers who invest a substantial amount of their own wealth into the funds they manage which ensures their interests are aligned with those of investors.
  • TYPES OF FUND: As well as rigorously researching the entire universe of unit trusts and OEICS, unlike the majority of multi-managers, we possess particular expertise in investment trusts and investment companies.
  • ALTERNATIVE ASSETS: We also use venture capital, property and alternative assets alongside traditional asset classes to enhance the risk/return profile of individual mandates.
  • PRAGMATIC: We are open to new thinking and products and alive to substantial asset price movements offering scope for significant value driven returns. We seek to exploit momentum but are always vigilant towards 'bubbles'.
  • LOW TURNOVER: Funds are managed for the longer term with an average expected holding period of three to four years.
  • ANOMALIES: We do, however, seek to exploit pricing anomalies which occur from time to time in under-researched and commonly misunderstood investment sectors such as investment trusts.
  • INDEPENDENCE: We have no affiliations to particular managers or structures - we are completely impartial when selecting funds.